The Yellow Wallpaper PDF Free Download [Sept. 2022]

The Yellow Wallpaper PDF

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Stetson (PDF) Free Download

The Yellow Wallpaper PDF Free Download [Sept. 2022] : The New England Magazine published Charlotte Perkins Gilman‘s short story “The Yellow Wallpaper pdf” in January 1892 under its original title, “The Yellow Wall-paper. A Story.”

Due to its depiction of attitudes about women’s mental and physical health in the 19th century, it is regarded as a significant early work of American feminist writing.

The novel, which is told in the first person, is made up of a number of diary entries kept by a woman whose doctor husband has rented an old mansion for the season.

The pair settles into the nursery upstairs, forgoing other spaces in the home.

Among order to help the nameless woman recover from what he refers to as a “brief nervous depression – a small hysterical tendency,”

A typical diagnosis in women at the time, the husband prevents her from working or writing and advises her to eat healthily and get lots of air.

About the Author of The Yellow Wallpaper PDF

Summary of The Yellow Wallpaper PDF Book

The young woman and her spouse are portrayed in the Yellow Wallpaper pdf.

When she experiences “brief nervous depression” following the birth of their child, he forces her to take a rest remedy.

The narrator is mostly confined to an upstairs nursery during their stay in a colonial estate over the summer.

She describes torn wallpaper, barred windows, metal rings in the walls, a floor that is “scratched and gouged and splintered,”

A bed that is bolted to the floor, and a gate at the top of the stairs, but she blames all of these things on children who must have lived there.

This is a striking use of an unreliable narrator to gradually reveal the extent of her husband’s imprisonment of her.

The wallpaper in the room is extensively described by the narrator in her journal entries, including its “sickly” colour, “yellow” smell, bizarre and unsettling pattern,

resembling “an interminable string of toadstools, budding and sprouting in endless convolutions,” missing patches, and the way it leaves yellow smears on the skin and clothing of anyone who touches it.

She recalls how the wallpaper in the bedroom seems to change more as time passes, especially in the moonlight.

The wallpaper serves as the only stimulus, and the narrator grows more and more intrigued by the pattern and motifs.

She soon starts to recognise a character in the artwork. She eventually starts to think that a lady is moving behind the pattern while crawling on all fours.

She starts removing the last of the wallpaper off the wall because she thinks she needs to liberate the woman trapped in it.

The narrator won’t unlock the door when her husband gets home.

He discovers her crawling around the room, rubbing against the wall, and yelling, “I’ve got out at last… in spite of you,” when he returns with the key.

He drops out, but she keeps moving around the room, creeping over his lifeless body each time, convinced that she has changed into the lady who is stranded behind the yellow walls.

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