The Scarlet Letter PDF Free Download [November 2022]

The Scarlet Letter PDF

The Scarlet Letter Book by Nathaniel Hawthorne (PDF) Free Download

The Scarlet Letter PDF Free Download: American author Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote a historical novel titled The Scarlet Letter pdf:

A Romance, which was first released in 1850.

The story of Hester Prynne, who fights to build a new life of repentance and dignity after having a daughter with a man she is not married to,

is set in the Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony during the years 1642 to 1649.

The novel tackles topics of legalism, sin, and guilt and has several religious and historical allusions.

One of the earliest novels in the US to be mass-produced was The Scarlet Letter pdf.

It was well-liked when it was originally released and is now regarded as a classic piece of American literature.

There have been several stages, screen, and film adaptations of the book. The Scarlet Letter pdf has been hailed as a masterpiece by critics and author D.

It was dubbed a “perfect masterpiece of the American imagination” by H. Lawrence.

About the Author of The Scarlet Letter PDF

The Scarlet Letter PDF Summary

A large audience gathers in Puritan Boston, Massachusetts to see Hester Prynne, a young lady who has given birth to a child whose father is unknown, punished. 

She must endure three hours of public humiliation while standing on the scaffold as part of her sentence, and she must live the rest of her life with a scarlet “A.” 

Many of the women in the crowd are infuriated by Hester’s beauty and quiet dignity as she approaches the scaffold. 

Hester refuses to identify the father of her child when asked and bribed to do so.

Hester observes a little, oddly-shaped man in the crowd and recognizes him as her long-lost husband, who she had assumed had been lost at sea. 

When the husband notices Hester’s shame, he inquires about her and is informed of his wife’s pregnancy by a man in the throng. 

He declares vehemently that the child’s father ought to also be punished for his immoral deed and makes a promise to track out the man. 

He selects Roger Chillingworth as a new name to help him with his scheme.

She is questioned by the Reverend John Wilson and Arthur Dimmesdale, the pastor of Hester’s church, but she won’t reveal who her lover is. 

The jailer calls in Chillingworth, who is now a doctor, to calm Hester and her infant with his roots and herbs after she returns to her cell. 

Hester and he have an honest discussion about their marriage and how they both made mistakes. 

Chillingworth presses Hester for the identity of the father of her child, but Hester declines to say. 

Hester’s denial is accepted, and he promises to find out the man’s identify nevertheless. 

If Hester ever admits that Chillingworth is her husband, Chillingworth vows to harm the father of Hester’s kid. 

Hester accepts Chillingworth’s demands despite her suspicion that she may later regret it.

After being released from prison, Hester moves into a cottage on the outskirts of the city and makes a poor income by selling her exquisitely made needlework. 

She leads a quiet, somber life with her daughter Pearl and gives to the underprivileged. She is alarmed by her daughter’s odd obsession with the red “A.” 

Pearl, who has no playmates or acquaintances outside her mother, is also shunned by Hester. Pearl gets erratic and rebellious as she ages. 

The churchgoers propose Pearl be taken away from Hester because of her behavior, which spreads rumors. 

Hester visits Governor Bellingham, preachers Wilson and Dimmesdale after learning that she might lose Pearl. 

Dimmesdale responds to Hester’s desperate plea by persuading the governor to allow Pearl to stay in Hester’s care.

The community is delighted to have Chillingworth, the recently arrived doctor, take up residence with their beloved minister because Dimmesdale’s health has started to deteriorate. 

Chillingworth, who often communicates with Dimmesdale, starts to wonder if the minister’s condition is related to unresolved guilt. 

He puts the minister under psychological strain since he thinks Dimmesdale is Pearl’s father. 

One evening, Chillingworth removes the minister’s vestment from his sleeping Dimmesdale and discovers a mark on his pallid chest that symbolizes his guilt.

Dimmesdale visits the square where Hester was sentenced years previously, tormented by his guilty conscience. 

He confesses his guilt while ascending the scaffold in the dark of night, but he lacks the confidence to do so openly during the day. 

Hester chooses to seek a release from her vow of quiet to her husband after being horrified by Dimmesdale’s deterioration.

Hester sees Dimmesdale in the forest a few years later and tells him of her husband’s thirst for vengeance. 

She persuades Dimmesdale to travel covertly from Boston to Europe on a ship so that they might begin a new life. 

The minister appears to become more motivated as a result of this scheme.

Dimmesdale delivers one of his most eloquent sermons on election day. 

Dimmesdale, however, ascends the scaffold as the procession exits the church, repents of his guilt, and passes away in Hester’s embrace. 

Later, the majority of witnesses affirm seeing a stigma in the shape of a red “A” on his chest, however others dispute this claim. 

Chillingworth is unable to exact his revenge and passes away, leaving Pearl with a sizable inheritance.

Hester resumes donning the scarlet letter pdf after a period of time and returns to her cottage. 

When she passes away, she is interred next to Dimmesdale’s grave, and their plain slate markers are both etched with the escutcheon, 

“On a field, sable, the letter A, gules” (literally, “On a black background, the letter A in red”).

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