The Outsiders PDF Free Download [October 2022]

The Outsiders PDF

The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton (PDF) Free Download

The Outsiders PDF Free Download : S. E. Hinton‘s coming-of-age book The Outsiders pdf was initially released by Viking Press in 1967.

Hinton began writing the book when she was 15 years old, but the majority of it was completed when she was 16 and a junior in high school.

When the novel was released, Hinton was 18 years old. The fight between the working-class “greasers” and the upper-class “Socs,” two competing gangs divided by socioeconomic standing, is described in the book.

Ponyboy Curtis, the teen protagonist, tells the tale in the first person. Although it is never directly stated, the story in the novel takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1965.

Francis Ford Coppola produced a film adaptation of the novel in 1983, and a hurried television series that continued the plot of the film debuted in 1990.

Christopher Sergel wrote a dramatic stage adaption, which was released in 1990.

As of 2022, a theatrical musical adaption is being created, with a text by Adam Rapp and music by Jamestown Revival.

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Summary of The Outsiders PDF Free Download

Ponyboy Curtis, a young member of the “Socs,” a rival gang to the greasers, gets jumped by them as he exits a movie theatre.

He is rescued by a group of greasers, including Ponyboy’s two elder brothers, the popular Sodapop and the paternal Darry.

The following evening, Cherry and Marcia, a pair of Soc girls, are introduced to Ponyboy and his two greaser friends, the calm Johnny and the tough Dally, at a drive-in movie theatre.

Dally makes crude moves for Cherry, who rejects them, but Ponyboy eventually speaks politely with Cherry and has an emotional connection with a Soc for the first time in his life.

After that, Cherry and Marcia’s lover Bob stops Ponyboy, Johnny, and their witty friend Two-Bit from taking Cherry and Marcia home.

Bob severely beat up Johnny a few months earlier. Bob and the greasers mock each other, but Cherry breaks up the altercation by voluntarily leaving with Bob.

When Ponyboy returns home at two in the morning, Darry becomes enraged and abruptly slaps Ponyboy.

Pony, who is upset at Darry’s growing coldness after his parents had passed away in a vehicle accident, rushes out the door and runs into Johnny.

Ponyboy and Johnny are surrounded by Bob and four other Socs as they meander into a park after running away from their house.

Ponyboy spits at the Socs during a heated argument, which causes them to try to drown him in a nearby fountain.

However, Johnny stabs Bob, killing him and scattering the rest. Ponyboy and Johnny race to find Dally out of fear for what to do next.

Dally gives them money and a loaded revolver and tells them to hide in an abandoned chapel in Windrixville.

Pony disguises himself by getting his hair trimmed and coloured while they are there.

He also reads Johnny Gone with the Wind and recites Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay” poem after seeing a stunning sunrise. 

Days later, Dally stops by to see how they are doing. He informs them that the greasers and Socs have been engaged in all-out citywide battle since Bob’s death, with Cherry operating as a spy for the greasers out of remorse.

Dally agrees to accompany the lads back home after Johnny decides to give himself in.

As they make their way outside, they see that the church is on fire and that numerous local youngsters are stuck within.

Ponyboy is thrown unconscious by the fumes as the greasers rush inside the burning church to save the kids.

At the hospital, he learns that he and Dally are not seriously hurt, but Johnny’s back was broken when a piece of the church roof fell on him.

When Sodapop and Darry arrive at the hospital, Darry starts sobbing. Ponyboy finally understands that Darry loves him and only treats him harshly because he cares about him and his future.

The next morning, the press hail Pony and Johnny as heroes, but Johnny will be accused of manslaughter in connection with Bob’s passing.

Two-Bit informs them that a last brawl will decide the greaser-Soc rivalry. A Soc called Randy, Bob’s closest friend, approaches Ponyboy and Two-Bit and expresses regret for his role in the gang war,

lack of faith in the rumble’s ability to put an end to the conflict, and his refusal to take part. Later, when Johnny is in a severe state, Ponyboy visits him in the hospital.

Pony and Cherry have a conversation as they travel home. Cherry claims that because Johnny murdered her boyfriend, she will not go see him in the hospital.

Pony deems her a traitor, but after hearing her out, they come to an amicable agreement.

Following his escape from the hospital, Dally arrives barely in time for the brawl. The tough battle is won by the greasers.

Pony and Dally then hastily return to the hospital to see Johnny, but he passes away soon after, and a hysterical Dally flees the room.

That evening, Pony returns home feeling dazed and confused. Dally contacts the residence to report that he has committed a retail robbery and is eluding the police.

Dally is found by the greasers purposefully pointing an unloaded gun at the cops, which prompts them to shoot and murder him.

Ponyboy is so overwhelmed by the rumble that he passes out and suffers from a concussion for several days while being sick in bed.

The judge absolves Ponyboy of culpability for Bob’s death at the end of the hearing and permits Pony to stay at home with Darry and Soda.

Ponyboy goes back to school, but his performance suffers. Despite the fact that he is failing English, Mr. Syme, his teacher, promises to pass him if he creates a good theme.

Ponyboy discovers a note from Johnny outlining how he will die with pride after rescuing the children from the fire in the copy of Gone with the Wind that Johnny gave him before passing away.

Ponyboy is also urged by Johnny to “remain gold.” Ponyboy chooses to write about the previous events for his English assignment, and he starts out with the first sentence from the book:

“When I stepped out into the brilliant sunlight from the gloom of the movie theatre, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home.”

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