The Most Dangerous Game PDF Free Download (January 2023)

The Most Dangerous Game PDF

The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell (PDF) Free Download

The Most Dangerous Game PDF Free Download (2022) : Richard Connell’s short story “The Most Dangerous Game pdf,” also known as “The Hounds of Zaroff”.

This was first published on January 19, 1924, in Collier’s with illustrations by Wilmot Emerton Heitland.

In the narrative, a big-game hunter from New York City drowns after falling from a yacht and swims to what appears to be an uninhabited island in the Caribbean.

There, a Russian aristocrat pursues him. The big-game hunting excursions in Africa and South America that were so popular with affluent Americans in the 1920s served as inspiration for the novel.

Among the many adaptations of the story are the 1932 RKO Pictures picture The Most Dangerous Game pdf with Joel McCrea, Leslie Banks, and Fay Wray and the 1943 episode of the CBS Radio drama Suspense with Orson Welles.

The “most popular short story ever written in English” has been said about it. After being released, it was given the O. Henry Award.

One of several works that became part of the public domain in the US in 2020 was “The Most Dangerous Game pdf.”

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Summary of The Most Dangerous Game PDF

Sanger Rainsford, a big game hunter, is going to the Amazon rainforest with his companion Whitney to go on a jaguar hunt.

Whitney goes to bed after talking about how they are “the hunters” rather than “the hunted,” and Rainsford hears gunshots.

He ascends the rail of the yacht, lights up, and unintentionally jumps overboard. He swims to Ship-Trap Island, a place known for shipwrecks.

On the island, he discovers a grand chateau run by General Zaroff and his enormous deaf-mute servant, Ivan, who are both Cossacks.

Because of Rainsford’s written description of hunting snow leopards in Tibet, Zaroff, another big-game hunter, is aware of him.

The middle-aged Zaroff explains over dinner that despite having hunted animals since he was a young boy, he has come to the conclusion that killing large game has grown tedious for him.

As a result, after fleeing the Russian Revolution, he relocated to Ship-Trap Island, where he has set up lights to entice passing ships into the surrounding jagged rocks.

Using only a small-caliber pistol for self-defense, he kidnaps the survivors and hunts them for sport while providing them with food, clothing, a knife, and a three-hour head start.

Anyone held captive who manages to evade General Zaroff, Ivan, and a pack of hunting dogs for three days is released. He admits that he has so far won every hunt.

Ivan, a former official knouter for the Great White Czar, is given the option of hunting captives or taking them to him.

Rainsford calls the hunt barbaric, to which Zaroff responds that “life is for the strong.”

At breakfast, Zaroff makes the offer to take Rainsford along with him on his next trip since he is excited to be hunting with yet another accomplished hunter.

Zaroff is let down when Rainsford adamantly refuses and asks to leave the island, leading him to have another epiphany: he will hunt Rainsford.

Zaroff adopts an impersonal tone as he explains the rules of the game to any captured sailor.

Ivan walks in with Rainsford’s modest equipment for his time as prey as he exits the dining area.

Rainsford grudgingly decides to be sought after after realising there is no way out other than giving himself in to Ivan.

Rainsford creates a complex forest track during his head start before ascending a tree.

Zaroff locates Rainsford with ease, but chooses to toy with him like a cat would with a mouse by standing beneath the tree he’s hiding in, smoking a cigarette, and then vanishing without a trace.

In an effort to catch Zaroff, Rainsford constructs a Malay man-catcher, a weighted wood with a trigger.

Zaroff returns home for the evening after being mildly injured by this device, but not before shouting his gratitude for the trap.

Rainsford makes a Burmese tiger pit the following day, which results in the death of one of Zaroff’s hounds.

To create a second trap, he sacrifices his knife and fastens it to a tree, and when Ivan steps into it, the trap kills him.

Rainsford jumps from a cliff into the water to get away from Zaroff and his hounds; Zaroff is dismayed by Rainsford’s apparent suicide and goes home.

Ivan’s trouble being replaced and the question of whether Rainsford perished in his dive prevent Zaroff from finding peace of mind while he puffs on a pipe by his fireplace.

Rainsford was waiting for Zaroff when he opened the door after locking himself in his room and turning on the lights; he had swum across the island to enter the chateau undetected by the dogs.

Zaroff congratulates him on winning the “game,” but Rainsford chooses to engage him in combat, claiming that the original hunt is still ongoing and that he is still a beast-at-bay.

Zaroff gladly accepts the challenge and dares Rainsford to a duel to the death, declaring that the winner will sleep on the bed and the loser would be fed to the dogs.

The narrative quickly comes to an end later that evening when Rainsford is described as enjoying the luxury of Zaroff’s bed, seemingly indicating that he had won the duel and killed Zaroff.

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