Surah Mulk PDF Free Download [October 2022]

Surah Mulk PDF Free Download

Surah Al Mulk (The Sovereignty) (PDF) Free Download

Surah Mulk PDF Free Download : The 67th Surah of the Holy Quran, known as Surah Mulk pdf (The Sovereignty), begins in the 29th parah.

The so-called “Makki” Surah, which comprises 30 verses, 363 words, and 1332 letters, was revealed in the city of Makkah.

The verse Surah Mulk pdf has the capacity to shield its recitation from the agony of the grave.

On the night of Lailatul Qadr, the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) would recite this Surah.

He wished that everyone of the believers would memorise it because, according to Him (peace be upon him), Surat Mulk protects from the flames of hell and leads the reciter to Jannah (paradise).

Summary of The Surah Mulk PDF

  • 1-3 Glory to the All-Powerful, the Creator and Ruler of everything.
  • 3-5 God is glorified by the perfection of his works, which may be seen in the skies.
  • 5 We have prepared the punishment of the raging fire for the devils and decorated the lowest heaven with lamps that can be used as missiles to pelt them.
  • 6–8 Hell’s punishments for disbelievers
  • 8–11 Unbelievers will acknowledge in hell their error in labelling Muhammad a fraud.
  • 12 Surely, those who have faith in their Unseen Lord will receive pardon and great reward.
  • 13-14 God is all-knowing.
  • 15-18 God will eliminate unbelievers.
  • 19-24 Unbelievers who are unappreciative of the God who gives them life
  • 25-28 They urged the Prophet to speed up the judgement day, yet they will dread its impending arrival.
  • 29-30 On that day, only The Merciful served as a defender.

Placement and coherence of Surah Mulk PDF with other surahs

The concept of textual relation between the verses of a chapter has been examined under a number of headings, including coherence, text relations, intertextuality, and unity in English literature, as well as nazm and munasabah in non-English literature.

Islamic scholar from the Indian subcontinent Hamiduddin Farahi is well-known for his research on the Quranic idea of nazm, or coherence.

Several ancient and modern Quranic scholars, including Fakhruddin al-Razi (died 1209 CE), Zarkashi (died 1392) and others, have contributed to the research.

Thus, the entire Qur’an seems like an organised and well-connected book.  Every division has its own unique concept.

A division’s topics are generally presented in the sequence of revelation. Each member of the duo complements the other in a different way within each division.

The seventh set of surahs, which begins with Surah Al-Mulk pdf (67) and continues all the way to the end of the Quran, includes this surah.

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi claims: “This group’s mission is to warn the Quraysh leadership of the repercussions of the Hereafter and to inform Muhammad (sws) of the triumph of the truth in Arabia.

Through the arrangement of the many surahs in this group, this theme progressively reaches its apex.” 

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