Slums PDF in All Lang. (SLU Mental Status Exam)

Slums PDF

[Slums] SLU Mental Status Examination (PDF) Free Download

Slums PDF in All Lang. (SLU Mental Status Exam): The St. Louis University Mental Status Exam was developed in collaboration with the,

St. Louis Veterans Administration Medical Center’s Geriatrics Research, Education, and Clinical Center as an assessment tool for dementia and moderate cognitive impairment.

What does the Slums PDF Test Do?

  • Q1-Q3: Orientation, quick recall, and attention
  • 4 and 7: Delayed recall with interference in questions
  • Q5: Calculation and registration of numbers
  • Q6: Memory: instant recall with obstructive (time constraint)
  • Q8: Digit span and registration
  • Q9: Visual-spatial 
  • Q10: Executive and visual-spatial abilities
  • Q11: Extrapolation + executive function

Who Can Use This Slums PDF Form?

Social services, reflections/passages programme coordinators, registered nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, physical therapists,

and residence supervisors are just a few of the qualified health care professionals,

who have undergone training (and retraining every year) by watching VA-produced videos that are available online.

Purpose of the Slums PDF Form

to conduct screenings on people to check for cognitive impairments and to spot changes in cognition over time.

Instructions for Use the Slums PDF Form

1.  Top of the page: a complete demographic breakdown of residents. On the bottom of the document, you should also provide the date and the evaluator’s name, per our recommendation.

2. Administration ought to take place in private and in the examinee’s native tongue. Have the materials on hand that you’ll need to pass the test. A watch with a second hand is required.

3. Note the length of time the patient spent in school. Note the degree earned rather than the actual number of years of schooling taken if the patient earned an associates, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree.

4. Check to see if the patient is awake. Answer “no” or “yes,” but instead state your level of awareness. When someone is alert, it means they are wide awake and capable of concentration. Drowsy, disoriented, distractible, inattentive, and preoccupied are further adjectives.

5. Start by inquiring about the patient’s memory: “Do you have any issues with it? Would you mind if I asked you some questions about it?

or “By asking you a few questions, I’d like to test your recall.” You might need to calm people by assuring them that this is only an instrument, much like a thermometer, that takes their temperature rather than a test they can fail.

This tool measures the available RAM on the system. The exam questions will thereafter be given.

6. To the test taker, read the questions out loud slowly and clearly. Speaking loudly is not typically required, although speaking slowly is.


Que. What does SLUMS stand for? 

Ans. SLUMS stand for The Saint Louis University Mental Status exam which is an evaluation tool for dementia and mild cognitive impairment that was created in collaboration with the St. Louis Veterans Administration Medical Center’s Geriatrics Research, Education, and Clinical Center.

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