💑 Romeo and Juliet PDF Free Download

Romeo and Juliet PDF Free Download

Romeo and Juliet PDF by William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet PDF Free Download: One of Shakespeare‘s early plays, Romeo and Juliet, is one of two tragedies that were composed between 1590 and 1595.

Shakespeare’s adaptation of the narrative differs significantly from the original text, despite the play’s inspiration being an Italian novella or short story from the fourteenth century.

Shakespeare added elderly characters who weren’t in the original narrative when he modified the play for the Elizabethan stage, weaving in characteristics of Elizabethan drama and a certain amount of bawdiness. In its day, the play got favourable reviews.

Through the ages, it remained a favourite, and it still is now. Shakespeare’s dramas Romeo and Juliet pdf may compete for the title of most well-known.

For a long time, reviewers had a tendency to favour Shakespeare’s heavier-handed tragedies over this play, but it has now won over the critics and is now required reading in high school curriculum.

Romeo and Juliet pdf is a play about hate as much as it is a tragic love story.

The play’s whole action takes place against the backdrop of the murderous enmity between the Capulets and the Montagues, which also serves as the impetus for the tragic suicides of the two lovers.

Romeo and Juliet’s love may be idealised, but the story’s driving forces of hate and rage must also be taken into consideration. Both love and hate are terrible in their own unique ways.

Details of The romeo and juliet story pdf

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Romeo and Juliet PDF
William Shakespeare

Characters and Analysis of Romeo and Juliet PDF


Romeo is initially distinguished by his self-indulgent melancholy, traits that for Elizabethan viewers would have marked both a romantic quality and a tragic defect. He gets more aggressive and adopts his position as a truly tragic figure as he falls in love with Juliet. His downfall and demise are classic sad scenarios.

Prince Montague

Romeo’s father is a leader and a father figure. Instead of being a fully realised character, he functions more as a sad type. He is the symbol of parental authority and the patriarch of a powerful family that is engaged in a savage conflict.

Mrs. Montague

Something that is more of a type than a fully realised character. She represents motherhood and the poise and maturity of women. Even after losing her kid, she passes away from a shattered heart.

Bishop Laurence

Despite his clumsy and futile efforts, Friar Laurence is undoubtedly a symbol of the church and peace and reconciliation. His initial goal is to end the conflict by marrying Romeo and Juliet. When that fails, he makes an unsuccessful attempt to bring them back together. The scheme’s failure ultimately causes their demise and general amity between the families.


Juliet is a young noblewoman who exudes purity and is also obstinate and disobedient. For an Elizabethan audience, these latter characteristics are tragic defects. She is sometimes more in control of the action than Romeo because of her aggressive and clever designs. In many respects, her decision to end her life is reminiscent of a heroic man.

The important Themes of the Romeo and Juliet PDF

Love as a romantic ideal: Love is portrayed as an irresistible power in stories about love. Romeo immediately forgets about his own safety or even his own life in the quest of romantic love after falling in love with Juliet at first sight. Love for Juliet is also irrepressible. She also experiences love at first sight and is devoted to Romeo.

As a violent desire, love: Much of the violence in Romeo and Juliet pdf is also sparked by love. Love enthrals the two lovers, but it also feeds the passions that result in fights and murder. Love is a terrible passion that sparks conflict and violence, as well as an uncontrollable force that propels two young people into an inevitable union.

Individual versus Society: As the main characters behave, each assumes a role that is directly at odds with their position as members of a social stratum. Romeo is a nobleman’s son, so it is his responsibility to follow the patriarchal tradition and take on a leadership position. This role dictates what he should do in society. He leaves this duty and pursues his personal inclinations and interests after being overcome by his love for Juliet.

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