Of Mice and Men PDF Free Download [January 2023]

Of Mice and Men PDF

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (PDF) Free Download

Of Mice and Men PDF Free Download: John Steinbeck wrote the novella Of Mice and Men pdf.

It was written in 1937 and tells the story of two displaced migrant ranch laborers named George Milton and Lennie Small,

who roam around California in quest of new employment prospects during the Great Depression.

The novella’s inspiration came from Steinbeck’s own 1910s youth experiences working alongside migrant farm workers,

(before the arrival of the Okies that he would describe in The Grapes of Wrath).

The phrase “The best-laid schemes of mice and men pdf / Gang aft agley” appears in Robert Burns’ poem “To a Mouse,” which serves as the poem’s inspiration.

The best-planned plans of mice and men pdf frequently fail.

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Of Mice and Men pdf is a book that is taught in many schools,

but because of its vulgarity and what some people consider to be offensive and racist language, it has frequently been subject to censorship.

As a result, it is listed on the American Library Association’s list of the Most Challenged Books of the 21st Century.

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About the Author of The Of Mice and Men PDF

John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men PDF Summary

George Milton, an intellectual but ignorant guy, and Lennie Small, a big, powerful man with a mental disability, are two migrant field labourers in California on their plantation during the Great Depression.

They are in Soledad on their journey to another region of California.

They aspire to realise their ambition of relocating to their own plot of land one day.

Lennie’s role in the dream is limited to caring for and petting bunnies because he enjoys cuddling soft animals despite frequently killing them.

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One of Lennie’s favourite tales, which George frequently recounts, is about this dream.

They had left Weed after Lennie allegedly committed rape after grabbing a young woman’s skirt and refusing to let go.

Despite Lennie’s pranks, it soon becomes apparent that the two are close and that George is Lennie’s guardian.

When the two are hired at a farm, Curley, the Boss’s little, abrasive son with a Napoleon attitude who despises larger guys, confronts them.

Curley begins to attack Lennie. Lennie is immediately drawn to Curley’s vivacious and attractive underage wife, who also presents a problem.

The two also meet Slim, a kind and wise jerkline-skinner whose dog just delivered a litter of puppies, and Candy, an elderly ranch handyman with one hand and a devoted dog.

After Lennie and Candy’s devoted, skilled sheep dog was euthanized by fellow ranch hand Carlson, Slim offers them a puppy.

Despite obstacles, their ambition begins to take shape when Candy offers to contribute $350 with George and Lennie in exchange for the right to live with them so that they can purchase a farm at the end of the month.

The three are overjoyed, but their happiness is short-lived when Lennie is attacked by Curley.

Lennie defends himself by effortlessly crushing Curley’s fist with the encouragement of George.

Nevertheless, George feels more at ease, to the point where he even leaves Lennie on the ranch while he and the other ranch hands head into town.

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Lennie comes into the stable and strikes up a conversation with Crooks, the bitter but intelligent stable buck who works alone because he is black.

When Candy discovers them, they tell Crooks about their plans for the farm.

Crooks, who scorns the idea, cannot help but ask them if he might hoe a garden patch on the property. Another time, Curley’s wife shows up and makes advances toward the men, particularly Lennie.

However, she reveals her bitter side when she disparages them and makes a lynching threat on Crooks.

She eventually departs as they hear the ranch hands coming back.

The following day, Lennie strokes his dog until he accidently kills it. In the barn, Curley’s wife approaches Lennie and tries to speak with him,

confessing that she is lonely and that her aspirations of becoming a movie star have been dashed.

She offers to let Lennie stroke her hair after learning about his tendency, but when she senses his strength, she panics and starts to scream.

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Lennie experiences fear, inadvertently fractures her neck as a result, and then flees.

The other ranch hands discover the body and immediately create a lynch mob intent on killing him.

They then call the police and start a search. Then, as soon as George learns that their dream is over,

he rushes to get Lennie in the hopes that he will be waiting for them at the location they agreed upon in case he got into trouble,

(the riverbank where they camped at the start of the book).

Before arriving at the ranch, Lennie and George meet at the campsite.

George recites the cherished tale of the dream while the two of them sat together, even though he is aware that they will never be able to share it.

George shoots Lennie when he hears the lynch mob approaching them because he knows it will be a more humane end than a lynch death.

Moments afterwards, Curley, Slim, and Carlson show up. Only Slim is aware of what has occurred and comfortingly guides him away.

Curley and Carlson observe, perplexed by the two men’s melancholy demeanor.

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