Lord of The Flies PDF Free Download [November 2022]

Lord of The Flies by William Golding (PDF) Free Download

Lord of The Flies PDF Free Download: William Golding, a British author who won the Nobel Prize, published Lord of the Flies pdf in 1954.

The story follows a bunch of British youths’ unsuccessful attempts to rule themselves while stuck on a deserted island. 

The conflict between individuality and groupthink, between rational and emotional responses, and between morality and immorality are some of the themes.

The novel, which served as Golding’s debut, garnered favorable reviews in general. 

It was included in the Modern Library’s list of the 100 best novels, where it was ranked 25th by readers and 41st by editors. 

In 2005, Time magazine called it one of the 100 finest English-language novels published between 1923 and 2005 and included it in its list of the 100 Best Young-Adult Books of All Time. 

In 2003, it was ranked at number 70 on the BBC’s The Big Read survey. 

Lord of the Flies pdf, a widely read book in schools, particularly in English-speaking countries, 

came in third on a 2016 UK poll asking people to name their favorite school-related books.

Details of The Lord of The Flies PDF

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About the Author of The Lord of The Flies PDF

William Golding

Summary of The Lord of The Flies PDF

A British plane crashes on or close to an uninhabited island in a distant area of the Pacific Ocean while carrying out a wartime evacuation. 

Boys who are in their middle childhood or early adolescence are the sole survivors. 

A conch is discovered by Ralph and Piggy, two youngsters, and Ralph uses it as a horn to gather the survivors in one spot. 

Using the conch, Ralph swiftly establishes control over the other lads and is named their “chief”. 

He sets up three major rules: to enjoy yourself, to stay alive, and to keep up a smoke signal that could warn passing ships of their existence. 

Piggy’s spectacles are used by Ralph and two other lads called Jack and Simon to start the signal fire.

The appearance of order gradually disintegrates as the majority of the guys get apathetic and start to feel paranoid about a fictitious monster they refer to as the “beast,” which they all start to believe lives on the island. 

Jack obtains support by promising to personally hunt and kill the beast while Ralph fails to persuade the youngsters that no such thing as a beast exists. 

At one point, Jack gathers a large number of the boys to go in search of a wild pig, taking those tasked with keeping the signal fire away. 

No ship passing by the island is attracted by the extinguished smoke signal. When Jack fails to keep the signal going, Ralph approaches him angrily, but the other boys ignore him. 

Disillusioned Ralph considers stepping down as leader, but Piggy convinces him otherwise.

The lads are asleep one night when a fighter pilot ejects from his aircraft during an aerial battle near the island and perishes in the descent. 

In his parachute, his body floats to the island and becomes entangled in a tree. Sam and Eric, twin boys, mistake the pilot’s corpse for the beast when they see it. 

Ralph, Jack, and a young child named Roger look inside the corpse but run away, thinking the beast is real. 

Jack convenes a meeting and makes an effort to persuade everyone to oppose Ralph, but at first he gets little help. 

When Jack storms out by himself to start his own tribe, the other lads eventually follow.

Simon frequently goes alone into the island’s jungle. While he is there, Jack and his followers raise a pig’s head on a rod that has been sharpened and is covered in flies as a gift to the beast. 

Simon makes up a conversation with the head, which he refers to as the “Lord of the Flies pdf,” in his mind. 

The head informs Simon that there is no beast on the island and foresees a backlash from the other boys. 

That evening, when Ralph and Piggy go to see Jack’s tribe, they see that they have started face painting and performing ancient ritual dances. 

Simon quickly descends to inform Jack’s tribe after learning that the “beast” is actually the pilot who died. 

Simon is killed by the enraged youngsters when they mistake him for the beast.

The only way the lads have to ignite a fire is to steal Piggy’s glasses, so Jack and his rebel group resolve to do just that. 

They break into Ralph’s camp, seize the glasses, and depart for their home on Castle Rock, an outcropping. 

Ralph travels to Castle Rock with Piggy, Sam, and Eric in order to face Jack and get the glasses after being abandoned by the majority of his fans. 

Roger sets up a trap that kills Piggy and breaks the conch when the lads reject Ralph. Ralph is able to flee, but Roger tortures Sam and Eric until they choose to join Jack’s tribe. 

Ralph confronts Sam and Eric covertly, and they inform him that Jack intends to behead him and hunt him like a pig. 

The following morning, Ralph barely escapes his hunters as Jack’s tribe sets fire to the woodland. 

Ralph stumbles and falls in front of a uniformed adult after a protracted chase. 

The adult is a British naval officer, whose party has arrived to examine the fire. 

The “loss of innocence” causes Ralph, Jack, and the other lads to break down in tears.

 Before awkwardly turning to look at his ship, the officer expresses his dismay at witnessing British youths acting in such a ferocious, warlike manner.

Characters of The Lord of The Flies PDF

Ralph: Upon receiving the conch, a fair-haired lad assumes leadership of the other guys and uses a smoke signal to try to keep things in check.

Piggy: One of the few bigots to continue backing Ralph, this bespectacled, obese friend of Ralph’s is a radical thinker who is frequently teased by his buddies. He is killed by a boulder hurled by Roger.

Jack: He is a haughty, red-haired boy who leads a chorus and frequently spars with Ralph about various topics. Later, he splits off from Ralph’s society to find his own primitive tribe.

Simon: He is the only choirboy to back Ralph and Piggy. He is a knowledgeable, philosophical choir member. He tries to warn the other boys after experiencing a hallucination of the Lord of the Flies pdf but is killed by other lads.

Roger: He was a shy youngster who subsequently developed into a sadist and became Jack’s primary tormentor.

Sam and Eric (Samneric): Little twins who back Ralph are subsequently compelled to join Jack’s tribe as a result of Roger’s torturous techniques.

The Officer: A naval commander rescues the boys from the island but is unable to comprehend their brutality.

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