Harrison Bergeron PDF Free Download [October 2022]

Harrison Bergeron PDF

Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut (PDF) Free Download

Harrison Bergeron PDF Free Download : Kurt Vonnegut, an American novelist, first published his satirical dystopian science-fiction short story “Harrison Bergeron pdf” in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in October 1961.

In 1968, the tale was reprinted in the author’s Welcome to the Monkey House collection.          

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Summary of The Harrison Bergeron PDF

The 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution require that all Americans be treated equally in 2081 and prohibit anyone from being brighter, more attractive, or physically capable than anyone else.

Agents of the Handicapper General enforce equality rules by making residents wear “handicaps” such as masks for those who are overly attractive,

loud radios that obstruct bright people from thinking, and heavy weights for those who are strong or athletic.

Harrison Bergeron pdf, a bright, active, and attractive 14-year-old, is removed from his parents, George and Hazel Bergeron, by the authorities one April.

Since George has a government-installed handicap radio to control his above-average intelligence and Hazel has “average” intelligence (contextually meaning dumb), they are hardly aware of the tragedy.

George and Hazel watch ballet on TV. They make remarks about the dancers, who are bulked up to balance their grace, and disguised to cover off their attractiveness.

George’s thoughts are frequently disturbed by the various sounds made by his handicap radio, which piques Hazel’s interest in and imagination about disabilities.

Hazel advises George to lay down and relax his “handicap bag,” which consists of 47 pounds (21 kg) of weights that are shackled around his neck, after observing his tiredness.

She proposes pulling a few of the weights out of the bag, but George declines because he is aware that doing so would be against the law.

On television, a newscaster tries to understand the message before giving it to the dancer exercising with the heaviest weights and the worst mask.

She apologises before reading in a less pleasant voice after beginning with her incredibly natural and beautiful voice.

An announcement of Harrison’s prison break is made, and a full-body photograph of him is displayed, revealing that he is seven feet (2.1 m) tall and weighed down by 300 pounds (140 kg) of disabilities.

After briefly recognising his son, George has the thought quickly dispelled by his radio. In an effort to overthrow the government, Harrison then storms the broadcast studio.

He identifies himself as the Emperor and removes all of his impairments as well as a ballerina’s impairments, whom he labels his “Empress.”

He commands the musicians to begin playing and promises them nobility if they perform well.

Harrison temporarily assumes charge after they are dissatisfied with their initial effort, and the music gets better.

Harrison and his Empress dance while floating to the ceiling after being moved by the music, stopping in midair to kiss.

Harrison and the Empress are killed when Diana Moon Glampers, the Handicapper General, storms into the studio brandishing a ten-gauge double-barreled shotgun.

She demands that the musicians put back on their disabilities at the point of a gun, but the television goes dark.

Hazel explains that something sad happened on television that she cannot recall when George,

who was uninformed of the tragedy that had been shown, asked her why she was crying when he returned from the kitchen.

After consoling her, they resume their regular lives.

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