And Then There Were None PDF Free Download [January 2023]

And Then There Were None PDF Free Download

"And Then There Were None" PDF Free Download By Agatha Christie 

And Then There Were None PDF Free Download: The mystery novel, And Then There Were None PDF, was written by Agatha Christie and originally published in 1939.

Agatha Christie is an English mystery and detective novelist who has written over 60 novels and ten collections of short stories.

Her writings have been converted into around 40 different languages and are well-known across the world.

This was, according to Agatha Christie, the most difficult of all her works to write. It is generally acknowledged as the best-selling mystery novel in the world.

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Details of The And Then There Were None PDF:

And Then There Were None PDF Free Download
  • Author : Agatha Christie 
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ William Morrow
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Page Count ‏ :320 pages
  • Book Weight ‏ :172 g
  • Size‏ :17.15 x 10.31 x 2.54 cm
  • Native Country‏ :India
  • Rank in Best Sellers : #116,640th in Books 
    • #10,621 in Reference (Books)

About the author of And Then There Were None PDF

And Then There Were None PDF Free Download
Agatha Christie 

About the And Then There Were None PDF

And Then There Were None pdf book, was first published in the United Kingdom in 1939 and is considered a best-selling mystery novel.

A mystery invitation is extended to eight persons at the start of the narrative. They are met by a butler and a housekeeper when they arrive.

After a visitor is discovered dead, the search for a culprit begins as the narrative continues!

Out of the nine persons on a remote island, who may be the murderer?
Christie’s writing style aspired to suspense,

and her careful use of words carries readers along with her as they investigate the narrative and the characters.

Summary of the And Then There Were None PDF

And Then There Were None tells the lives of 10 strangers, including a judge obsessed with justice, a governess, an army officer, a doctor, a police inspector, a religious lady, a butler and his wife, a military general, and an attractive athlete, all of whom have diverse vocations and backstories.

All 10 people have one thing in common: they were invited to Soldier Island after they were acquitted of a previous crime. People start dying one by one after they arrive, and it becomes evident that one of the ten strangers is a serial murderer.

The central theme of the narrative is based on the nursery poem Ten Little Indians. The presence of ten army figures in the dining area foreshadows the characters’ murder.

A soldier figurine is taken away each time the killer takes a life, until there are none left. Blind accusations emerged in a couple of days, and peace pacts were formed, but the killer continued to kill and people died.

And Then There Were None pdf book is a fun read and, without a doubt, my favourite mystery novel of all time.

I consider myself a mystery novel fan, but many of the others I’ve read have left me unconvinced by the conclusion, and I’ve been able to accurately predict narrative twists with great accuracy.

Lines of Appreciation of And Then There Were None


Overall, And Then There Were None pdf book is a refreshing read that every mystery novel lover should read.

It’s no surprise that the book has had such a long-lasting impact, even decades after its publication.

The narrative is well-crafted, the climax is surprising, and major societal issues run through it all. It’s nothing short of a real treasure.

I hope you have successfully downloaded the And Then There Were None pdf.

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