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We’re a website that offers Books reviews for exam preparation. At Books Guidance, we aim to help candidates make an informed decision about which book they are selecting for exam preparation.

Whether you’re a govt. job aspirant or preparing for entrance exams like NEET, IIT-JEE, and others, this website is perfect for finding the right book at the right price.

Our site features both expert and passionate reviews on the best books for exams like SSC, AFCAT, CTET, BANKING EXAMS, CIVIL SERVICES, NEET, IIT-JEE, and more to help you save time and get the best books possible.

Books Guidance presents its audience with detailed reviews on every aspect of the books.

Books Guidance was founded in 2021 by education enthusiasts who wanted to share their opinions about books, study material, and preparation tips with the world.

Our website offers honest reviews on books by book-savvy people with no ties to any company associated with the books.

An editorial team of education-savvy editors and writers creates a plethora of news, reviews, and features related to books, study resources, and study tips for a variety of exams.

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