✔️AA Big Book PDF Free Download [January 2023]

AA Big Book PDF Free Download [2022✔️]

AA Big Book PDF by William Griffith Wilson (PDF) Free Download

AA Big Book PDF Free Download [2022]: Alcoholics Anonymous: The Narrated Account of How Over One Hundred Men Overcame Alcoholism.

The AA Big Book PDF, a 1939 fundamental manual that explains how to overcome alcoholism, got its name from the thick paper used in the initial edition. William G co-wrote the book.

“Bill W.” Wilson, one of AA Big Book PDF’s founders, and many of the first 100 members of the organization.

Drafts of the book were sent back and forth between Dr. Bob’s group in Akron, OH, and Bill W’s group in New York.

It is the forerunner of the influential “twelve-step method,” which is used to treat a variety of addictions, including those to alcohol, heroin, and marijuana, as well as to overeating and sex.

It is the forerunner of the influential “twelve-step programme,” which is extensively used to treat a variety of addictions, including alcoholism, heroin addiction, and marijuana addiction, as well as overeating, sex addiction, and gambling addiction.

With 30 million copies sold, it is one of the best-selling books.

The book was included in Time magazine’s 2011 list of the 100 finest and most significant English-language works released since 1923, the year the magazine’s publication began.

The Library of Congress chose it as one of 88 “Books that Shaped America” in 2012.

About the Author of The AA Big Book PDF

Summary of The AA Big Book PDF

The book has more than 400 pages. The details of Bill’s Story, Dr Bob’s Nightmare, the personal experiences of several alcoholics, and the chain of remedies that eventually led to the twelve-step programme are included.

Using examples and experiences, the twelve steps are discussed in detail. Some chapters cater to a particular readership.

Given that the majority of AA Big Book PDF founding members were men, one chapter is devoted to agnostics, another is titled “To Wives,” and a third is for employers.

In the book’s second section, which varies in substance from edition to edition, alcoholics share their personal narratives of addiction and recovery.

The book’s primary objective is to enable the reader to locate a force more significant than himself to address their issue.

According to the authors, an alcoholic “of our type” can never become a moderate drinker; abstinence and acceptance within the alcoholic group are the only paths to recovery.

By way of anecdotal proof, the case of a man who, after 25 years of sobriety, started drinking moderately and ended up in the hospital within two months is given.

Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic is the justification. According to the book, an alcoholic can’t stop drinking alone. A new outlook or set of principles would likewise be ineffective.

Anyone who struggles with alcoholism must acknowledge that they need assistance from others.

Only the community and a “higher power” may offer service. A guy named Fred is used as an example.

He had no control over his drinking but now leads an “infinitely more satisfying life” than before because of the AA Big Book PDF’s previously mysterious tenets.

Bill W, the creator of AA Big Book PDF, and other seemingly hopeless alcoholics who later recovered their health by affiliating with the AA fellowship are treated by William Duncan Silkworth.

He is M.D., a specialist in the treatment of alcoholism, who supports the AA programme in the AA Big Book PDF’s introduction.

According to Silkworth, “there is no other remedy” except a spiritual one in most situations. The effects of AA are acknowledged by “many doctors and psychiatrists” today.

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